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Criteria Search with Variable

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First sorry for my bad english I'm from Switzerland  :) 

I tryed to creat a multible SelectObj Script for our Spacetool.

Now I have no ideas left why my script doesnt work - i get always the error output, for my variable when i have more than one word in my input dialog.

The strange thing is, when i write my input direct in the string it works fine.

Simple Script that work:


criteria = ("('Space'.'Floor Finish'='Platten weiss')")



My idea for the script:

eingabe = vs.StrDialog('Material eingeben','')

vs.AlrtDialog('Folgendes wird nun ausgewählt '+ eingabe)

criteria = ("('Space'.'Floor Finish'="+eingabe+")")



In my PY Charm the script works allready... (is that a vectorworks based bug or problem?)


Thank you 




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