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exporting with viewport to autocad

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This is the firat time I have tried exporting a vectorworks file that uses viewports. I have not been able to open them up in Autocad Lt - the program freezes up. Is there any trick to exporting the viewports? When I try to import the drawing back into vectorworks, it is 'very' slow, there are extra lines in the viewports, some hatches didn't show up and some text blocks are blank. I may have to wait almost a minute for the drawing to regenerate. Is there a limit to the number of viewports we should use if we export?

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Do you mean that only one layer is visible in autocad? In the meantine, I have changed the drawings to have no viewports and exported to autocad that way. The result was still not up to par in vectorworks 11, but when I converted to VW10, it worked just fine. Has anyone else have this problem or have any suggestions?

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Can you email me the VW file along with a description of the problem? I'll take a look at it in VW and AutoCAD ( I have through 2005 ) and get back to you.


Same thing for you - i can take a look at the file if you email it to me.

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We've faced the same annoying problem with dwg export as well. Different line weight settings disappear and dwg export from sheet layers (viewports) doesn't work at all as expected (I posted about this 26 Jan 2005): items from layers that are set invisible become visible and everything is flatted into a single layer.

Our office is using Mac OS 10.3.7 & VW Architect+RenderWorks 11.0.1.


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