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Why do I have to reset everything after a Service Pack upgrade

Kevin C


Please tell me I am being stupid, but I am getting sick and tired of having to remember to basically reinstall my entire system every time there is a service pack upgrade.



  1. Title borders - I do not use VW title borders, I have my own.  I would very much like to have the whole office use the same file so that we are all on the same version every time.  But in order to do that I have to make sure there is a copy of the title borders in each person's user directory.  After the last service pack update I have now lost total access to my title blocks - I have to open up an old drawings and copy them over in the resource manager - Not very efficient workflow.  I do recall reading in the Techboard that there is a way to update resources.  I am not a computer engineer, I have looked and looked for it, but I cannot find it so I am stuck.
  2. Can VW not be directed to a network folder to access company resources and have local files removed?  I have tried over many years to do this, but for some reason everything defaults to local files and each time you install a service pack - it writes locally and does not allow the resources to be networked.
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1. Don't store anything custom in the Library folders in the Application folder. These can and often are overwritten by updates.

2. If only one user needs the data store it in the User Folder. On Mac the path is  USER:Library:Application Support:Vectorworks:2018:Libraries

3. If you want the office to be able to share you need to set up a Workgroup Folder in the VW Preferences.


Search the Help and/or the forums for more information on Workgroup and User Folders.

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