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Camera Match - White Edges

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I'm having trouble getting a clean render using camera match and Final Quality Renderworks. Rendered objects have a ring of white pixels outlining them.


- OpenGL works fine

- Tried multiple quality levels of anti-aliasing, blurring, etc.... and all look the same

- Higher DPI reduces the effect, but it's still present


Has anyone run into this? Any ideas on getting a smooth composite over a background photo?





Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 5.22.01 PM.png

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Yes, Antialiazing tries to blur the Objects Borders against the Background.

So a suitable Background, the final underlay image at best, would produce

the best result.


But it should also work if the AA blurs against a transparent "color".

Just like a Alpha Channel for (mostly) transparent objects does.

This should work for any Background.


For me the image looks like either AA works against the default white

VP background or the Alpha/Transparency of the AA is not considered

in the final overlay.



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@zoomer I think you're right. It looks like antialiasing is working against VW's default white background. If I change display options to "black background" the on-screen render looks great (image attached). A PDF export still shows the issue though.


Thanks @DanJansenson - I tried changing layer color overrides and adding a black box behind the viewport on the sheet layer, but still running into the issue...

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 9.21.59 AM.png

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