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Perspective/Orthogonal view issue

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Hello Everyone,


I may have changed some setting for renderworks camera or something else happened but now all the orthogonal views in one of my files appear to have a cutting plane that does show the whole model. It may be a tiny bit of setting but its really annoying. Please guide anyone who has the same experience. See attached a screenshot.




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What exactly is "Layer Import", and how can I best do what you suggest? 


I see now.  That's interesting.  What else does this function do?  


43 minutes ago, JimW said:

Distance from origin CAN cause this, however I have noticed a handful of cases recently where it was an issue with the document, and transferring the geometry to a new blank file with Layer Import did the trick. 


Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 12.56.33 PM.png

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9 minutes ago, cberg said:

What exactly is "Layer Import", and how can I best do what you suggest?



From the Organization dialog (Tools>Organization or by clicking on the layer stack in the Mode Bar) go to the layer tab and click to create a new layer. When the dialog opens choose "Import Design Layers" and click on the "Choose" button to navigate to the file where you want to import a layer from. Choose the layer(s) from the list, make sure "Import Layer Objects" is checked and click ok.




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Interesting.  Looks like you can import the following:

  • Design layers and the objects in them.
  • Sheet layers, but not the objects on them or viewports associated with them. 
  • And viewports don't seem to import.  Which would be nice if it were possible. 

So this technique is probably best when transferring layer and class file organization at the outset of a project, and Design Layer Model/Drawing Information if something is weird in your model.  It would be tough to do at the end of a project which might have a lot of viewports and sheet level information.  


  Thanks, Jim and Kevin!  Did not fully understand this function. 

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