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Tom Klaber

Unaffected Viewport Redraw / Recalculate - Why?


I am working on giving the Interior Elevations Viewports a real go - but I have run into a frustrating slowdown:


Unrendered viewports redraw their wireframe preview everytime anything happens to anything.   So if I am popping into a viewport to modify the annotations - I have to wait for all the other unrendered VPs to recalculate - for some unknown reason - then perform my action - then wait for them to redraw again upon exit.  If I move a VP on the sheet - all other VPs need to suddenly recalculate.  Again WHY?

The simplest workaround is to simply render all viewports - but I would prefer not to be forced to do this everytime I want to make a small change to a sheet layout.  Really though - I see no reason why unaffected, unmodified VPs would have to redraw/recalculate like that.  Even affected VPs should not have to rebuild their wireframe previews - there is a ton of wasted processing going on for sure.

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Good news! There is a feature in the pipe that will end-run around this problem entirely.

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48 minutes ago, JimW said:

Good news! There is a feature in the pipe that will end-run around this problem entirely.


Fantastic! I've been having the same issue lately with perspective rendering viewports that have lots of polygons (such as numerous 3D figures). If I leave the viewport in wireframe I literally can't navigate my sheet layer anymore, because it tries to redraw over and over and over. So I tend to render it quickly in OpenGL just to make it stop.

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