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VW2018 slowing down in Sheet Layers




2018 keeps driving to a complete unusable halt in my sheet layers after introducing a 3rd or 4th viewport.

My drawings are pretty light and are not too complex and only rendering in wireframe (to consider another rendering format is unthinkable) the program then becomes unusable with massive delays,  jerky zoom and content disappearing when zoom is halted.

The same file in 2017 works fine, is this a known issue with 2018?

A quick check on the system shows CPU running @6% and RAM only @ 8gb of 16gb

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Quite a few people seem to have lag issues on sheet layers, some more than others. It is being worked on but apparently there are many factors playing a role so it may take some time before the specific cause for some of the lag may be fixed whereas other causes might be fixed alread but if these are not the cause of your sheet layer's lag there is little you can do.


What may help to reduce the lag on sheet layers is to disable all snaps when you are on the sheet layer. With my drawings I've noticed it reduces the lag on a sheet layer in a noticeable way but it does not completely fix it. Whether it will make enough of a difference (if any) in your case can only be found out by trying and see if it works.

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@Art V thanks for responding, im no expert but it seems to be a cache memory thing, although my system memory seems to be ok, its almost like adding a 3rd or 4th Viewport just tips the app over the edge regardless of how complex or detailed the drawing is, the lag is so bad its completely unusable.


I experimented with just drawing a cube and then viewporting plan, section, elevation and iso and by ISO i couldn't use it any more the software just grinds to a halt, all in wireframe on an a4 sheet.


Hopefully, it will get fixed soon as you know, 2018 wasnt cheap and having to revert to 2017 and gasp... other competitors software packages to do basic work isnt ideal.


perhaps they will offer a discount for 2019... 😜


ill give the snaps a go, thanks.

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