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Select Similar Tool - symbol name?

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hi, why does the select similar tool not work on lighting devices? in particular when the only attribute i want it to match is the symbol name???

is there a quick way of selecting all lights of a particular type?


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The selection wand tool will not select based on instrument type I’m afraid. However, there are several ways you could achieve this. My favourite is to use Josh Benghiat ‘s Savvy selection tool which is set up for LDs and is near enough perfect for most things. (Google search will get you straight there)


Another way is to use the Find and modify menu command in the Spotlight menu, although I find it a bit cumbersome.


If you are always selecting the same instrument types then you could create some selection scripts. These can be created From the Tools menu under Custom Selection. You can use the option to create a script based on a particular set of criteria - in your case, an instrument type. Then save that in a custom script palette. Lots of LD’s do this particularly if they work regularly with the same inventory of equipment.


To be honest, Josh Benghiat ‘s script is the best solution and only costs a few dollars.


hope that helps

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After all the years of development the SELECT SIMILAR TOOL still doesn't select fixtures by symbol name!?!?! Why does someone need to pay even more money for an additional plugin? Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking Mr. Benghiat's efforts for filling the void where Nemetschek has clearly failed. This is obviously a highly requested feature. But what I don't understand is how an army of one can outpace the efforts and resources poured into Vectorworks day in and day out. I'm no computer wiz, but is it really that complicated to program the SELECT SIMILAR TOOL to select all objects with the same name? Maybe Nemetschek should reach out to Mr. Benghiat's to seek his employ. 

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@Light Guy Calvin experienced this today, wanted to select a bunch of handles I had custom made, modified to a symbol, then tried to select them all without success 😞

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