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getting the layers & classes menu to stay

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O.k., I did the search and couldn't find anyone else looking for this. I can't understand why. It is a nice option in AutoCAD.

I'm just looking to keep the classes and layers menus open so that I can switch them off/ make them gray/ turn them on as needed. It would help me a lot when navigating someone else through a drawing (but not necessitating 1000 save sheets!).

Any guidance would be great. Thanks, as always!

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i don't think that is possible, and i am not sure why you would wnat to use it. there are, however, keyboard commands for showing all layers visible, greying all except the active one, or showing only the active layer. you can also scroll through the layer stack with the command-arrow keys, which is a useful tool. there are plugins available (i think from www.vectordepot.com) which allow you to scroll though all active layers and or classes. we have created our own plug-ins that do similar things, that are great drawing tools. i hope this helps...

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Yes, archoncad, that's about the closest thing we seem to be able to get in VW. It's exactly what I'm looking for; but we just need that command box to stay open while we work.

jfmarch; I'm not looking to turn all layers off, grey, etc. I need to turn layers and classes off specifically. Here's why: I work in various studios with designers and producers. They are interested in having me quickly navigate through overlayed drawings. They like to see overlays flip through quickly so they can compare. It's not odd, it harkens back to the days when we would ink draft on acetate and stack illustrations. (Personally, I'm glad those days are gone.) I was hoping for a useful script, plug-in, etc. I haven't been able to find one on any of the usual forums and sites.

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Thanks for the suggestion, but as I said in the original post, I can't possibly make enough save sheets to accommodate the immense combination of possibilities.

Don't get me wrong, save sheets are great. So great, in fact, that Autodesk has added a similar function to AutoCAD 2005.

I know Vectorworks pretty well after several years of using the program. I'm looking for a specific plugin or work-around that someone may have found. All of this stems from a debate in the studio between AutoCAD users and VW users (a typical debate). The aCAD users always point to their control over the layers and classes as a big advantage (they just LOVE their classes). I'm looking for ammunition to fire back.

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