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Stop view changes when double-clicking into extrudes


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Yes please ..

(I also often wished for that)


Also for Edit Mode of DTMs and especially for UnDos.

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@JimW Isn't this an already existing wish that it can be combined with? 


Or is it like one when Revit import was requested and you were quietly (non)responding because you knew it was going to be implemented? (ok, I admit, this is a lame attempt at phishing for upcoming features 😎)

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Here's an example of the kind of madness you can get with this "feature". This is obviously buggy but there's just no point for it to change the view at all. Any view change needs to be an explicit command imo.


Edited by Christiaan

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yes. this. would be helpful with symbols as well...

(plus i'd really like it if there was an option to gray/hide/keep visible the other stuff in the file... sometimes it's useful to have visible references)

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@ford519- Is this what you are looking for?

There is a vwx pref for "Show other objects in Edit Modes" and this pref can be added as a mode bar pref shortcut.  See images.  Adding the mode bar icon is great because you can click it as needed to show/hide other objects during edits.  When "outside" objects are shown, they are also snappable.



VWX prefs.png


Edited by Benson Shaw
Trying to clarify that these are preference shortcuts, not tool shortcuts

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