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Separate Sheet Layers and Design Layers in Pull Down Menus


Not sure if I asked this before, and yes, I can use the boxes on the right, but often, want to use drop down menus.


Problem is, my template has several sheet layers, and to get to an appropriate design layer, I have to scroll through sheet layers first, whereas I change design layers much more often. It seems they should be listed on top, or perhaps a separate drop down menu for sheet layers would speed things up a lot fo me.

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+1 this.

We are getting more apartment/terraced housing projects. Having to scroll through a list of sheets of a 6 story apartment(which comprise of 6 overalls plans and 35 individual floor plan types), just to get to the design layer list through the pull down, sure is an unnecessary waste of time.


We do have a workaround though: having the navigation palette always open, but I see the benefit with this request.




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Tui,  I keep it open all the time, too. I like to keep it narrow, but just wide enough to make sure I know what the layer (and more often, the class) is before clicking it.  Also have never used the Control + Arrow much, seems like it takes more time than scrolling down (at least in my class system)

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Yes.  Dropdowns should be apart of a large navigational and organizational overhaul.    Sheet Layers should not even be called 'layers' - they are fundamentally different.  I know there is a small overlap in their ability to house a Viewport  - but besides that - there is little reason why these ever should be combined in a single list.  


Classes / Layers / Sheets  - just from a nomenclature perspective - this is much cleaner - and will help guide the navigation overhaul.  

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