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clip surface not working

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I am trying to make a trim piece for a wall, as if I were to take a 2x2 strip of wood and cut squares out of it.  I made a slab, then a rectangle, and tried clip the slab surface with the rectangle  but it didn't work.  Then tried to turn the slab into a 3dPoly, then tried to clip, and it didn't work.  Which surfaces are best for clipping?  Thanks

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I would recommend drawing your strip and your square as 2d shapes (rectangles in this case) and using Modify>Clip Surface. Once you've done your clipping, extrude the resulting shape to make it 3d.



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Hi All,

If you are trimming 3D objects, you must use 3D objects to trim them. So for 3D objects go to MODEL > Add or Subtract Solid.

For 2D elements go to MODIFY > Add or Subtract Surface


Scott, for your trim elements, you may just want to use simple extruded objects or Extrude Along Path if you want to run the profile all the way around the room.  To make a simple extrude of, let's say crown molding, draw the profile of the crown in 2D making sure it's a CLOSED polygon, then go to MODEL > Extrude ans type in a length.  You can change it dynamically once the extrude has been generated.


I've included a couple of examples of window casing and base molding. Enjoy!



Trim Examples.vwx

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