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Count objects but not within a group

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I thought this was easy but alas it's not.


I want to 

x := Count ((Sel = True)); Message (x);


However, if I have a group of 3 objects and only this group object selected then x := 4


Some of my selected objects will be polygons, rectangles & groups of them.

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You will need something like this, which only counts object whose parent is a layer:


    gNumObjects : INTEGER;
    Procedure CountThem(h1 : HANDLE);
        IF GetType(GetParent(h1)) = 31 THEN gNumObjects := gNumObjects + 1;
    gNumObjects := 0;
    ForEachObject(CountThem, (Sel = True));

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@Julian Carr Sometimes having been around for a long time is a hinderance. I just found out about this one myself a few months ago.


There is a new criteria called Visible Selection State. It only returns the objects that are individually visible (i.e. container objects) and ignores any selected objects inside those containers.


Try count(((VSel=True)))


In a file with a selected group made up of three selected objects, when I put the following formulas into a worksheet I get:


Count(Sel=True) returns 4

Count(VSel=True) returns 1


I think this is what @WhoCanDo is actually looking for.

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