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Instrument Schedule as Database Worksheet

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I know I have inquired about this before and I don't think there was a really great solution before but inquiring again for all the smart minds out there.


I like the general appearance of the instrument schedules in VW.  However, I have that they are worksheets that are generated without using a database header and are straight data.  The reason I hate this is that then I need to reset text, spacing, wording etc.  What I would love is the ability to have a worksheet that looks very similar visually to the attached screenshot of an instrument schedule in VW, but has this as a worksheet that I can save in my resources and just drop in a file and recalculate. 


Does anyone have any thoughts on this?


I can make a worksheet that sorts by the appropriate things etc.  I think the secret sauce is that I like how the VW schedule has almost a header approach showing the position only on line 1 of the grouping.  When I make a worksheet it populates that position label with every line.  That would be great if there was a work around for that.





instrument schedule.PNG

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If you go to the menu: Spotlight-Reports-Generate Paperwork and select the Instrument Schedule report. Use the set-up button to define the columns you want to see and you will be able to get just what you have shown in your picture. The Worksheet is in the resource browser so you can play around with formatting, but essentially that seems to work fine. The only drawback is that this is a one-time thing and doesn't respond to updates. For that you will need to run the command again which will update the existing worksheet although I think it will over-right any formatting you have done.



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That is exactly my point.  What I showed in my attachment was just like what you showed, generated from the generate paperwork.  However, I often put notes on ancillary cells in worksheet, format things in certain ways etc.  I want it to function as a database rather than a regularly regenerated worksheet.


My hope is someone with great database/worksheet skills can think of how to replicate that.




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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

It's not possible to format a database worksheet like the spreadsheet created by Generate Paperwork, which is why the command exists.

You can come close but you would have to manually generate a database row for each position.

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Nope.  My worksheet database skills are above average, but still rudimentary compared to Pat and Carlotta.  That being said, not being able to put an equation into database cells and only into the database header would prevent equations similar to IF(A#=A#-1, do not print, print) that could do the formatting you desire.  Wouldn't be nice if I was wrong.


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Can someone post a file (without too many lights) and a copy of the generate paperwork worksheet for that file.


If Kevin says it can't be done, I tend to believe him, but I would still like to look. I have a couple of tricks that might help.


If you do convert to a database instead of a worksheet there needs to be a record.field combination for any manually entered data. If can be part of the standard PIO record or part of a custom record, but without a field, there is no way to type anything into a database.



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Yeah, I really hate having to regenerate the instrument schedule every time.  I think it might be something to wishlist somehow.  I agree it would need to make a database line for each position, but I have to think that there might be some way to automate that.  Maybe a marionette operation?  Otherwise, I am getting more into the habit of generally creating my paperwork in VW as database worksheets that I can save as resources and have saved in my template folder that just updates.  Then have these all placed on sheet layers for printing.  I can get most "standard" worksheets pretty easy the only one that from a visual perspective looks odd is the instrument schedule without doing those headers like that.


worksheet database example.PNG

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