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Ramp network from VSS forum Germany unsuccessfull

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I tried to go  though the instructions of the white paper attached from german VSS forum rebuilding the network for a ramp. Unfortunatly without success of seeing the expected result getting stuck on side 30 of the pdf. Maybe somebody can help on the way and find my fault?

I tried with different kinds of polylines and settigns of the controls in the oip of the loft surface node  , that make different effects, but strange.... .


thanx and friendly regards




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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hello @Bernd Lützelberger,


I noticed in all of your scripts that the Int node is somehow connected to the first Range node twice, which is causing you to get 42 values instead of 21 values - if you try disconnecting it and reconnecting it should work. just make sure that when you run in debug mode, there are 21 values coming from the Range node.

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@sbarrettThanks, Ruled and solid that worked.

@Bernd LützelbergerHi, thanks for sharing the document. Nice that someone took the time to produce such a fine paper. Is there any more around like this and can i get an English translation. Using Google translate at present.

And you can push the network with a more complex line a long way before it will fail.Capture.thumb.PNG.3c869f892305d32126a31cc47b1b7c49.PNG

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