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Attributes doesn't work


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It sounds like you have a wall that is using a Wall Style. With a Wall Style all of the attributes are set by the style.


Either edit the style or use the pull down in the Object Info Palette (OIP) to change the Wall to Unstyled. Then you will be able to change the attributes of the wall.



As for the Orange and Red, can you post a screen shot? I don't think anyone understands what you are seeing based on that description.

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Thank you so much Pat!

I fixed the wall style, but now windows are locked :/ I can't select some of the windows?? Any advise?


for the orange and red :) sorry for my bad english!


now it is not happening but, when I select the wall, all of the walls in the floor plan color changed black to thick red.. I couldn't select anything individually... kind of warning "don't touch you did something wrong!!!" 

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