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Dear VW lovers!



Is there a way to avoid for a Viewport to become 'Out of Date' when simply going to an associated Design Layer of the Viewport?



I go to a Design Layer - either by: 


A) Double Click on a VP --> Edit Viewport --> Design Layer


B) via the Navigation Palette


I don't change anything on the Design Layer. I only activate everything and copy it.

This in order e.g. to copy paste it to a new and unrelated Design Layer to try out some things.


By that time ALL VIEWPORTS associated with the Design Layer are out of Date.

If I go direct and simply --> 'Duplicate the Design Layer' then of course all associated VPS are also Out of Date because they attach themselves automatically to DL duplicates.


Soooo frustrating and time-consuming to re-render everything ....

Is there a 'Work-Around" to this or am I the only one experiencing this?




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You can turn off the out of date borders from document preferences and if the actual renders are lost then you can turn on viewport cache in document preferences as well.


that may help?

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Hi Mark,


thank you for our input.


1) Your first suggestion is a great visual way which I use at times when I e.g. present on my laptop and there is no point to re-render every single Viewport, unless they are really out of date in their settings.


2) Your second suggestion - " ... turn on viewport cache in document preferences ... " is always on.

     I just checked on this setting - and it says that unless it's checked all VPs have to be re-rendered upon opening the file, which would not be useful.


Basically I need the VPs not to become 'Out of Date' when simply going onto the related Design layer without making any changes ...



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Unfortunately, VW thinks that the copy is an operation and therefore it has no way of knowing that the VP is not really out of date.


Time for a wish list item.

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