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spotlight export defaulting to off



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I believe that the check mark is a one-time operation and is meant to “force” a data export. You need to make sure that you have Lightwright data exchange turned on. 


I have only had problems when the xml file that exchanges info with lightwright is not located in the same folder as the file. Try keeping all the files in the same location and see if that helps.



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I think the checkmark used to stay on - why would it not? LW exchange is on in LW, and the files are all in the same folder. Everytime I need to go back to LW, I have to

open spotlight prefs and click that box again, and even then sometimes it doesn't update LW. Also LW then turns it's link off after a while, so have to do it

in both apps. Sometimes I have to quit both, then open them both up again, and then LW will ask to verify what changes to accept. Very annoying and waste of time.


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