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Project sharing walls randomly disappear



Project sharing walls randomly disappear, or shows up in one users Working file, and yet not in another users Working file (although both are refreshed and up-to-date).

We have had a number of incidents where walls simply gone missing, randomly on different floors in our 10 stories bldg (currently being shared via project sharing and 4-5 users using it). For example it could show up in one users file, but not another, even though all refreshed and saved-committed etc.

Other incidents have been where some symbols have updated fine to the latest updates someone made, but not other, i.e. some not being 'pushed through' to the project file even though saved and committed.


Our workaround has been to save a new project sharing file from one of the users working files, but this delays/slow down the working process, and means spending a lot of time trying to find what / what hasn't updated / been pushed through.


We are currently using VW 2017, is this something that has been corrected  within the VW2018 sp3 ?


kind regards anton


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I too have also been having this problem.  Walls go missing from the file and with all classes and layers turned on they are nowhere to be found.  This happens both in single user VW file and in Working Files. The only way we have been able to fix the file is to revert to an archive file.


Currently using VW 2019.


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We have also been having similar problems with walls disappearing or showing up as transparent in any 3D views. It happened  in 2 files and we thought it was a glitch.  Now we're on our 4th problem file and creating new files is very time consuming.  I really hope VW is working on a solution!



Katie Greenmun
Building Design Services

VW 19


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We also have this problem, that one creates a curtain Wall with the right grid, but it doesn't show up exactly the same in the other projectsharing-file. It seems, that the informations of changes, for example inserting a new door, are tranfered, but not in the right way. For example the width of the door isn't right, but the new door exists after "save and commit". Maybe someone could solve this problem? 

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