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Curtain Walls with different finish on both side


Hi everyone,


What is the best way to make walls with the different finishes on either side?


I'm trying to make a steel partition with steel finish on one side and acoustic panels on other side but there doesn't seem to be any intuitive way forward.


I made a curtain wall, and "assumed" glazing to be steel and further offset it from the frame on one side but I would need "double glazing" to assume the other side to be acoustic panels.



Please find the attached image of the custom steel partition I've created.




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Hi @Kori


It's a bit 'clumpy' (to adjust your choice of settings) but you can choose to use spandrel with face.






Set different criteria for the panel and the face to suit your steel/acoustic set-up (you can see I've quickly set a grey for the steel and a blue for the acoustic material) and I think you'll be OK with the look you're trying to achieve. Texture is also available - I've not bothered and set it to None.


Its just the 'trial and error' of setting the dims so that the panel has the correct appearance to the way it will be manufactured (getting the acoustic recess and the face of the steel looking good) that will take some time perhaps.




Hope this helps - others may have a better way.









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@Gadzooks Thanks for the response. It's getting much closer to what I want to create. But does this method allows covering or hiding the frame with the panels (acoustic panel in my case) on one of the sides while keeping the frame visible on the other side?

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Looks like I'm probably not quite understanding whats to be achieved @Kori


Your OP suggested the curtain wall option. I'd assumed this was to keep the structural steel seen (at least to one side). My earlier post (ok maybe some tweaking needed) essentially provided a metal surface on one side and filled the frame with insulation. which is what I understood you were after (and seemed a 'normal' application).


If you wanted it the reverse, you'd change the colours to provide the steel panel 'look' one side and acoustic material covering the frame to the reverse side. The tweaking would have to come from you until you're happy with the results visually. This would obviously depend on the way you are presenting this wall in the project - not sure if its a 'major element' or just appears in the background of some views. 


If, on the other hand, you are after both sides being continuous panelled finish both covering the SFS (so now hidden in elevation and only seen in plan) - then we've kicked of incorrectly and you need to create the wall as a 3 component wall.


1 steel decorative panel covering the SFS (maybe 2mm thick), 2 structural element (SFS - thickness derived from the studs you are using), 3 acoustic material (thickness derived from calculation - maybe 40-50mm?).


Have a play around and see where it takes you.

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