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Cloud based Mini Cad file conversion

Jim Smith


I think a Cloud based Mini Cad file conversion would be a very valuable resource for many. I know that I and others have had some success converting files for some people but sometimes what's out there doesn't convert.  I know there are firms out there that started with MiniCad and are now looking at retirement and may want to pass on MiniCad files. A Cloud based conversion would be a good idea to add to the Service Select.

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On 4/24/2018 at 5:02 PM, RGyori said:

I whole heartedly agree. I have several years of MiniCAD files starting with MiniCAD 5, that while of now limited use to me, would have archival value.


At least until the next mass coronal ejection. :o


If you have not yet come across this option in the past, this could solve your MiniCAD 5 issue (copied from another topic discussion):


On 4/23/2018 at 9:57 PM, Art V said:

There is a tool to convert minicad files to VW 10.5 files, but that only works for minicad 5 and newer. Then you should be able to open them in your current VW version.


The converter can be found at: http://vectorworks.be/nl/support/downloads/software


Go all the way on the page until you see "Vectorworks oude bestanden omzetten"

The first link contains the version for Mac but only for OS9, so it won't work on OSX

The second one is for windows and should work up to and incl. on Win 10

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