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Creating Symbol with 2 Different Color by Class

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I've been playing with this for a while.  I would like to create a symbol that has the ability to change the fill in 2 different parts of the symbol.  Any chance this can be achieved with 'Color by Class'?  I am repeating symbols and denoting their function through the use of colors.  In the past, I have had to draw up each symbol in the color combinations desired and Copy/Paste each symbol when I need.  Hoping to consolidate the symbols page of my 'Template'.


Thank you.

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I don't think symbols are going to work for what you want. In a symbol, you can certainly class different parts and use different fill colors, but EVERY instance of the symbol is going to use the same classes for those parts.


If you need to have different instances show different colors you are either going to have to make duplicate symbols or you are going to have to use something other than symbols.


One option would be to use symbols, but use the Convert to Group option. This will convert the symbol into a group when it is placed. You could then edit the group to assign the classes/colors you need. But you lose the ability to have them function as symbols. If you have to edit the symbol definition later, the ones converted to groups will not change.


The best solution probably depends on how many instances you have in a drawing and how many different color combination you need.

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Thank you for your response.  I work as a Production Rigger and I group my motors and motor distros by colors.  Since playing with the Chain Hoist tool from Sam Jones, I was intrigued with the ability of the Chain Hoist tool however the color grouping options were limited (4 or 5 colors if I recall).  Hence started my journey down this path. 


Other options I am looking into are learning to script with Vectorscript, however I keep reading and am getting nowhere fast.  I think I need a watered down 'Dummies' version to get started.  Now that I look back, even Sam Jones had a page of each symbol instance included with the Chain Hoist tool.  I guess I know what I want but because I can't script and don't know how to start, I don't know how to begin.  Like with basic HTML you have your <html> <body> and what not... Apologies for the rant.


But I do thank you for your help.


Not to be drifting off topic too much, but I've followed the links in the searches of Vectorscripting and so far have found myself going round and round in circles.


And in response to your signature, I am interested in Scripting.


BTW, is the Chain Hoist tool really a tool?  Or is it a plug-in?


Thank you.

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Chain Hoist is both a tool and an object.  The tool part let's you insert the object into the drawing. The object is what remains in the drawing with all of the settings.


Let's get @Sam Jones into this conversation and see if he has a pre-made solution.


If not, we can do a quick and dirty scripting course. Actually, I kind of think that Marionette might be a better way to script the creation of objects. Vectorscript is easier to use to modify things, but since Marionette handles all of the interaction with the Object Info Palette, it may be easier.


Can you post a sample of one of your symbols? Are they very complicated?


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currently what you are looking for does not yet exist in Vectorworks. This is a much wished for feature that AutoCad has had for years.


However you should be able to achieve what you want using Data Visualisation in sheet layers. This feature is much underused and works well at re-colouring different instances of the same symbol according to the different criteria you set for each Plugin object. It is only available within sheet layer viewports which may not work for you, however it is well worth investigating.

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I'm not sure what it is you want to achieve.  I think you want to be able to color your hoists by function.  Yes?  Currently, the Chain Hoist object and related commands are shipping with Vectorworks, but they work in the following manner.


The hoist geometry is determined by the type or weight limit of the hoist determined by the selection in the drop down menu of the Type parameter.  The color of the hoist is determined by either the Manufacturer selection or the Function selection.  Do you havre more or alternative functions than the ones listed in the Function drop down?  If so, what are they?  You could add functions via the Plug-in manager.  For each new function you would need to create a set of symbols, one for each Type of hoist and at them to the Chain Hoist Symbols.vwx file in the Default folder.  No scripting would be involved, ...or possible.  Before going into the rules for how to name the symbols so that you can select the ones you want from the OIP, I want to be sure that I understand what you wish to do.  If you wanted to do more with objects other than the Chain Hoist, then I have no answers for you.  

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@@Pat Stanford  @Sam Jones  I basically want to mimic the Chain Hoist Tool, but with far fewer options.  Drop an object (2D/3D Symbol) and upon dropping the object into my drawing, have the following options:


Hoist Size (1/4 T, 1/2T, 1T, 2T) -- would be a dropdown that changes the symbols for each corresponding motor size to either a Diamond, Triangle, Circle, or a Square - much like the Chain Hoist Tool

Distro Color -- can be a dropdown; also changes the color surrounding the symbol as in the attached symbol drawings

Circuit Number (1 - 8) -- can be a dropdown

Motor Cable Length (50', 75', 100', 125', 150') -- can be a dropdown

Hang Type (Dead Hang, Bridle, Spanner) -- can be a dropdown

A record label that keeps track of the coordinates with reference to the origin -- I love this aspect of Chain Hoist, I can refer to any point and it'll display the coordinates

Trim Heights


I have corresponded with Sam and the aspect of the chain Hoist Tool that allows for Origin Reference to be displayed every time the symbol is moved has to do with Event Aware...something I haven't been able to find any information on through Google but would really love to have.


I think the Chain Hoist Tool is a great tool.  Well thought out and very thorough.  For my uses however, it becomes a little too thorough as I don't need to know the motor's manufacturer, phasing, speed, voltage, controller location, chain runners and connector type.  I love how it's implemented and would like to create/script a tool/plugin that largely mimics it.  If that is OK with Sam.


I would eventually love to learn how to use worksheets to print out each motor's location with reference to a user origin, cable length, hang type, and such to speed up my Pre Production process.


With this in mind, along with Event Aware, I also spoke with Sam about using that aspect of the Chain Hoist Tool and creating a tool/plugin that acts as the Stake Object.  Something similar to the loci tool that I can leave marks at my scenery locations that would display the coordinates, again with reference to a user origin.  If I haven't lost all my hair at this point, I would love to have a button that could clear all dropped points.  I suppose I can CTRL-A and delete, but this would prevent me from accidentally deleting scenery items.  Maybe through the use of classes?  Assigning all location points to a class and just deleting the class?


I apologize if my understanding of the subject is so basic.  But I'm really trying to learn.


Also, attached is a PDF of a small set of symbols I would like to use.


@markdd Thank you for the suggestion, I will look into this as well.

New Symbols.pdf

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