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How to auto count symbols in 2018?

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More details on what you actually want to do would be helpful as there are multiple ways to accomplish this.


Simplest is to create a new worksheet and enter a formula of   =COUNT((S='Symbol-1'))  where you replace 'Symbol-1' with your symbol name. This will give you the number of instances of the symbol with that name in the drawing. It will actually double count and give you the number both in the design layers plus the number in viewports, so you probably want to expand the criteria to include the layers you want also.


=COUNT((S='Symbol-1')& (L='Design Layer-1'))


If you get much more complicated than that, you probably want to use the Insert Criteria menu command in the Worksheet Insert menu to help you build the criteria.

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In 2017 I would do this... 

Tools ---> Reports --- Create Report

You get a Window.

Under "List all" select "Symbols"

Add "Symbol Name" and "Quantity" to your Worksheet

check "Summarize Objects with same: select --> "Symbol Name"




& it would give me a list of symbols & quantity that are in the diagram, that's all




My diagrams are simple, nothing architectural. I found this handy rather than counting tables, umbrellas etc. manually.

2018 has many more options & they way I used to go about creating a worksheet doesn't work or is hidden in all the options I'm not used to seeing.

I'm looking for a way to do this again in 2018.


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Unfortunately the simple process has been replaced with a more complicated one (albeit with more flexibility/functionality). If you look at markdd's post in the topic I posted above, that's the only way to use Create Report in 2018 and get the same results.


Of course you can then save this worksheet into your template, or into a library file for easy access.

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