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Automatic scaling and page size

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I there a way to make the paper size and used scales come in the titleblock automatically? As in picture 1

I am able to get the papersize in there through a record, but that's just for one presentation layer.

If I make another presentation layer it will sum up the used papersizes. As you can see in picture 2


And is there a tutorial how to make a new titleblock in VW 2018?

I imported this from VW 2016, but now I can't find how one thing is linked to another...



page size and scale 1.JPG

Page size 2.JPG

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Hello Onink,


Page size could be automatic using the field 'Sheet Size Name' linked to the text in Title Block object. Scale is not automatic field and must be written manually.

As for the tutorial, check this out -


Best Regards,

Nikolay Zhelyazkov

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As I was still trying to figure out the titleblock settings I finally discovered what has changed in VW2018 vs VW 2016, in how to link various items.

So I allready found how to link the "sheet size name'. Thanks for the tip though.


I will look into the tutorial..


What I couldn't find is a way to link the sequence number of the presentation layers.

I can link the presentation layer number, but that not automatic enough for meB|


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