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Automatic scaling and page size

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I there a way to make the paper size and used scales come in the titleblock automatically? As in picture 1

I am able to get the papersize in there through a record, but that's just for one presentation layer.

If I make another presentation layer it will sum up the used papersizes. As you can see in picture 2


And is there a tutorial how to make a new titleblock in VW 2018?

I imported this from VW 2016, but now I can't find how one thing is linked to another...



page size and scale 1.JPG

Page size 2.JPG

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As I was still trying to figure out the titleblock settings I finally discovered what has changed in VW2018 vs VW 2016, in how to link various items.

So I allready found how to link the "sheet size name'. Thanks for the tip though.


I will look into the tutorial..


What I couldn't find is a way to link the sequence number of the presentation layers.

I can link the presentation layer number, but that not automatic enough for meB|


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