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Cris with no H


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Hi @Cris Dopher I've not done this - but good question.


I'm not aware there is - within the worksheet 'environment'. I expect the boffins would say "why would you want to" - but we know its all about creativity.


However (and not knowing what you want to achieve), if it's just a look you've previously had with other software and you'd like to match, you could take the sheet..




and place it on a suitable graphic of your own choice. Matching colours will help make it part of the sheet design. Do what you want behind the sheet - I've put the Title there.




Not being connected (dynamically) to the sheet will mean you'll have to tweak it after recalculation (eg. if the sheet flows too far down and past the graphic). Works reasonably well if it has a 'buffer zone' below the sheet - as above


Hope that helps. I don't use worksheets a huge amount - others will have a much better way. 

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Similarly, you could put the worksheet on a design layer and then use a cropped viewport with rounded corners to bring it into a sheet or another design layer.

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That's a good one @Pat Stanford I didn't consider that option. 


You'd just have to keep an eye on whether any recalc had resulted in an overflow of the crop shape. 



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Another good idea Pat!


I haven't had a moment to actually try this out, but I"m keeping it in the back of my mind for one of our upcoming projects going overseas.


Cris Dopher

GPJ CAD Administrator

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