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Hitting a wall with Worksheet calculations in Spotlight. Need help from the hive-mind

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I don’t have much experience with spreadsheets, but I’m trying to make something that I need, and learn from it.

I am trying to make a template worksheet for risers and legs.

Using Spotlight’s Stage Deck tool, I have already made a worksheet that list all instances of every riser by size (4’ x 8’, 4’ x 4’, etc) with how many legs for each riser by length (3’0”, 2’6”, etc)

I have made a cel calculation that gives me the total of all risers in the worksheet.

What i want to do now, is make a cel calculation within this existing worksheet that would let me break down how many of each item is in the worksheet  (how many 4’ x 8’, how many 4’ x 4’, etc.), and also do the same for leg lengths


I’m been racking my brain for days trying to make cel calculations that do this, and I'm stumped. I guess what i need is the following:


— Find a specific name in entire column, then place that name into the cel


— Find every instance of a specific item in entire column, then place total about of those instances of those found items into the cel


Can anyone here help me with this? I hope I’m not asking too much.

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Woo! I totally solved it using this kbase! Thanks to this, it was easier than I thought.



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