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Texture cannot not apply on extruded objects



I have some difficulties in applying textures on extruded objects. When I select texture from the resources browser, the texture fail to show on the extruded object even if I right click "Apply". The texture only shows when I double click the object and go into the "Extrude" mode. Please see the attached screenshots of my problem. All my objects are filled in solid and the object info browser indicates the texture that I have selected, but despite this it still does not appear.  I will be grateful if anyone can give me some advice to solve this. 

Thank you very much! 


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@Rachel.wHi, Is the class of the object set to use at creation and chosen solid in the fill of the class?

You are not in top/Plan view?? if so an extrude will appear transparent in top/plan view, so you will need to make it an Auto-Hybrid.

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Perhaps you are not looking at the object in a rendered mode (OpenGL or Renderworks)?  Otherwise, the most common reason for this problem is that the object does not have a solid fill.  Although you seem to be aware of this, double check - select the object and look at the attributes palette, first item.


Also, something seems odd about what you say about seeing the texture when you edit the extrusion 2d object.  Textures cannot be applied to a 2d object and would not show up.  Are you sure you are clear about the difference between a texture, fill and hatch?

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