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Jim Smith

Images in worksheets


There are times I want a very quick worksheet and don't want to build a new database. In many of these cases I would also like to include an image. Presently I have to add viewports floating on top of these worksheets it would be helpful to have the ability to include an image into a worksheet that's not a database to make this process that much less time consuming. 

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You can do that now, but an even simpler way would still be useful.


The image function can be used in a spreadsheet cell this a criteria that specifies a single object the the drawing. The easiest criteria of this type is to Name the object (bottom of each pane of the OIP. Then use a formula like:




You will probably have to format the Cell as an image to get the right size and rendering mode. WS format menu: Cells : last tab is Image.

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Thanks Pat, I'll try that method. The last time I checked the forum about this issue, the reply was that a worksheet need to be a database for an image to reside in the worksheet. 


While worksheets are miles better than they were only a few years back, I hope that they continue to get some work so they're more like Excel or Google or Mac versions/

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Posted (edited)

So I think I have the criteria correct, but the result is 0. When I establish the Function & Criteria I do get a return of one item that meets the definition, & I have set the cell as an image.  Note this is just a worksheet and NOT a database Any thoughts?

Screen Shot 2018-04-13 at 16.36.37 (2).png

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That looks like a resource name or a symbol name, not the name that you typed into the bottom of the OIP.


If it is a symbol AND it is placed in the drawing (anywhere), Try:




And make sure you don't have any extra spaces before the equals or after the last paren.


Obviously, change the Symbol-1 to the correct symbol name. Sorry if I am being overly explicit.

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