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hatch not rendering

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Hard to say given the limited information Mike. 


It seems you created the flank wall in parts. The first floor smaller section with windows was drawn separately?  Then the section that refuses to hatch was maybe raised from an earlier lower roof line? Certainly seems odd that it displays a similar (obviously mirrored) lower slope to the left hand roof-line. 


If so, did you draw it in without reference to the (then) external walls. Could be that the wall is drawn 'inside out' (depends on the direction the wall was drawn) hence the simple answer could be that although it has the same components what is being shown externally is the plain (internal) component/face. 


I would be checking the top/plan view for correct component position and also checking in open GL to see if it highlights the component is correctly displaying the chosen texture but maybe has lost its associated hatch (during the swops you were doing?) 


Come back if I'm way out. If you're able to upload the file, or a file that is cleaner but has that elevation/part of the design, it would be easier for others to find the problem. 


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