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Adding your own library of truss for something that is not available is easy.  Make the truss geometry, turn the geometry into a symbol, add the Truss Record to the symbol, enter the data.  save the file and put it in the Objects - Ent Truss folder in your user directory of libraries.  

Now the Braceworks data is a bit more difficult.  you need to ensure that you have received data from the manufacturer that includes Moment of Inertia for the truss.  Load calc tables that are on most websites do not have that information, and it is VERY difficult to calculate from those tables.  but if you place the symbol in your drawing, it will bring up the Braceworks data entry popup.  you would need to enter the data as a custom cross section.  most of the other data would come from the Truss Record.  now one other problem, custom cross sections if I recall correctly do not transfer between documents, so you would need to enter it in any new jobs you use that truss for; unless you keep the custom truss in a template file.  and though Straight and Curved truss are easy to set up for Braceworks, some corner blocks require care and a bit of experience to set up.


We have added Christie lites and Tyler Truss to our Service select libraries, and have some more companies in the works.  if you can't find what you are looking for in our libraries, let me know and I can see if we are working with them to get something out.  since the release of Braceworks we have had several truss companies come to us to be added to the libraries.  It take time though to develop them.

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I have yet to hear from the folks at Applied.  Of course we are chest deep in getting stuff ready for release, but that will end soon and then we can get on to new content.

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