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Lookup function in worksheets.




I've been trying to create a construction budget template that I can use in different projects and I need a lookup function for cell referencing.

Some time ago I tried to write a python script that could do this for me but I could not get the code to work because of some issues including my lack of knowledge in programing. Here's a link to the discussion about the script where I explain in more detail what this function should accomplish: 

In other spreadsheet programs I can use this function, in Excel there is the VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP functions, in google sheets as well. I could export information from VW and do my budgeting in other apps but I would really like to do all inside VW.


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This would be a great addition to VW.  


This needs to work in database subrows also. In fact it may be more important in databases as there is currently no way to access the data in a specific subrow cell directly. Since the order of subrows can be changed by the addition or deletion of objects in the drawing, it is even more important to be able to find (lookup) a value in a database and return the data in a different cell in the associated subrow.

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@tavbut I'm looking at using a lookup as well and I was wondering if you had made any progress on this. My intent is to use this to look up rainfall intensity from an imported worksheet, similar challenge different applications.

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