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Export Import DWG Problems - General questions

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When I Export a File from Vectorworks as .DWG, certain curves lines (arcs) and polylines change to line segments that are not curved anymore and the shapes change from round shapes to shapes with angles (squared).


If I import back that same file to Vectorworks, some longer lines become fragmented in smaller lines.


Is there any options to avoid this situations or at least make it smaller?


Increasing the document DPI did not helped.


In general I find several problems with Export .dwg and Import .dwg


Thank you.


exported dwg.PNG

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What may also help is to check the VIEWRES setting in AutoCAD or whatever Acad-like dwg editor you are using, sometimes it is set to 100 and then you get angled circles as well and then a regen will solve it for a while but it may come back at times, setting VIEWRES to 1000 or 2000 is usually sufficient upon reopening files.

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