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Papir size - Tittle block

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I am sitting and trying to create a custom tittle block and a few things gives me a headache.

I will spread them over different posts, so it is easier for others to search after them afterwards


I have a field where I want to make the tittle block automatic update the paper size, if I change it.

And It is working now. BUT,

My colleagues a just to update the paper size through:

- Right click on the sheet and select "edit"

- Press "Page Setup"

- Press "Printer setup"

- And select the size under paper .


If they do it this way do the title block looks like this:



And I want it to just me "A3"

Is it possible to force the title block to write this, when I chose the paper in this way?


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Hello Mike,


Title Block Border should automatically update its sheet size, if it is set to "Fit To Page" and the page size is being changed from "Page Setup" dialog. If the selected page size is one of the sizes present in the Title Block's "Sheet Size" popup, its name should be written in the "Sheet Size Name" parameter of the TBB.

If this is not the case for you, could you make a screen recording showing me the issue?



Nikolay Zhelyazkov

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If i choose the paper size through "Page setup" and "Printable area" it writes ISO A3 automatic in the title block.




But we want to change the size through "Page setup" and "Printer setup", bacause of our setup and we dont want to have the ISO in front of A3

So when i choose the size through "Page setup" and "Printer setup", the title block is writing numbers instead of A3




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From the pictures you have attached you could see that the Width/Height values are different, when choosing page size from Printer Setup and that is why the Sheet Size is displaying numbers, as it cannot find such size. However, even if the dimension were correct, Sheet Size Name would still be ISO A3 and not just A3, as this is the size used in the Title Block Border.

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