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Attributes change on their own



So I have a class structure set up and therefore set my attributes to 'class style' but I have noticed that this changes and I'm not sure what key I''m pressing or what action I'm carrying out that is changing this? 
Any ideas? Its driving me crazy. I guess sometimes my active class changes to others too sometimes - I might start drawing on my '1 EXTG Walls' class and then all of sudden it might be back to my '0' class? 

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One thing to be aware of is that the attributes defaults and active layer are file specific and saved with a file, so when you switch files they may be different. If someone else is also accessing your files, they may also be using a different setting.


I have seen it randomly switch a few times and I believe there are still a few tools that may switch it (and Custom Tool/Attribute scripts created from the Tools menu).


If it's happening regularly, does it always happen in the same file?




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