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LED Screen with Different Module Sizes


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I don't use the LED screen tool too often.  Using it on something and running into a mini issue, not sure if this is something someone else has a workaround for or not.


I have a video panel that is a 1m & 1/2m sizes.  The wall I am working with I used the module size and entered it as 1m x 1m.  I am 5.5m tall.  I then go to vertical count and enter 5.5, but it rounds to 6.  Is there any way to have it show as 5.5 all as part of one screen? 


The reason I don't usually use the LED screen is I usually use symbols.  I thought giving it a try to see pixel counts and things like that would be helpful.  However, if I cannot make a wall of different parts it seems like that might be a missing key feature to the functionality of it.




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You could just build the wall with .5m tiles which should then give you accurate pixel counts and functionality in the video screen tool. Otherwise, this is an instance where you would either need to draw it yourself if you need accurate shop drawings, a simple extrude if you just need a presentation, or both. 

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Yeah, both of those things make sense and that is what I was thinking, but not really what I was looking for.  Right now we have symbols for most products.  The idea was to not use symbols and try using this tool to get out some of the information it can produce, but honestly, I think it is a little trickier than it is even worth. 

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@Rob Books Which brings up the question I was going to ask:  I noticed in the Downloads section that a bunch of Roe products had been added.  I was going to download them and put them in the library when I noticed this:

Please note: The VW2018 version can also be found in the Resource Manager in the Subscription Libraries group under Objects - Ent Stage/.

However, there's no Subscription Libraries group in my Resource Manager anymore; only Vectorworks Libraries (which is native on my computer) and then Workgroup Libraries and User Libraries which are both empty. I JUST did the new service pack install so did by chance the Subscription Libraries go away in this new version?

And then, if I were to download this content, where would it go to be accessible (on a Mac) as I have done this before and put things in the "Applications>Vectorworks 2018>LIbraries>[insert folder here]" and refreshed the libraries in Resource Manager and it doesn't show up.


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they changed it to Service Select Libraries now in the Resource Manager, but it is still the cloud icon at the top of the Resource Manager.  Make sure that is active.  The rest of that path is good.


when you download either from the RM or the Portal, you still need to unzip and place the library in your user folder, or APP folder, then update the RM.

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