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Vision objects in Spotlight

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This possibly is more of a wish list item, but I thought I'd see if this was "in the works" before posting in the other group.


It would be REALLY cool if all of the low poly objects in vision could be available in Spotlight as it would save a step.


If this is currently possible somehow, I am all ears.  If not, would this be a good wishlist item?!





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Sorry I am late getting back to this, but as Eddy says, there is a bunch of low poly 3D items in Vision that would be killer if they could be inserted into the model/plot in Spotlight.


Hopefully that makes sense!


@Edward Joseph Dumb question, but where are all of the Vision object libraries stored on a Mac?




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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

@salukitd Sorry for the delay, it didn't notify me about your reply! Object Libraries can be found under Applications>Vision 2018>stock on mac - all of the max files are there. 


@DBLD You can export different parts of your file as an ESC file via File>export>export ESC in Vectorworks. Then in Vision, File>merge in the esc files after opening one of them. This will separate pieces of your show into editable (or left alone) chunks you can work with. I don't normally recommend this as its a bit of extra work initially, but if you have a show that will be changed often mid-design, it can help.

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Hi Edward


Thanks for the importing ESC into Vision tip. This will improve my workflow significantly.


Regarding the Vision Object Libraries, can they be imported into VW? I can't see an option to import max or esc files.





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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hey Dan, no problem. I usually don't recommend this workflow to most, as it can get complicated fast. It used to be the only way to get a Vision file out of Vectorworks - I made the OG exporter with our original head programmer with some Vectorscript and some backend cheekyness.)


The ESC workflow is great if you've got unreliable people taking stock of your lights too! 😂

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