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Space Tool Frustration

David Poiron


I am finding the space tool/object has great features but can be very frustrating to use. There seems to be two issues:


1. There is so much information in the object info palette that the tool takes a long time to refresh, causing a delay in selection, moving etc. The delay seems to get worse the longer VW is left open. Selecting multiple spaces or moving them can take a considerable amount of time. Perhaps if some settings can be turned off in the settings dialog box then the OIP refresh would not be so much of an issue.

2. The second issue is selection and snapping. This does not seem to work as well as say a polygon would work. I'm not sure if the first issue is causing the second issue but basic selection and snapping are delayed or just simply inaccurate in some cases. I am working with a particular drawing at an angle and so maybe this is part of the problem too (accuracy that is).

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For 1. You can adjust what settings are visible on the oip for space objects. Select a space object, go to settings>advanced tab. In the lower part of the dialogue you can toggle the various settings so they show or don't show on the oip.


I have found tho that even reducing the amount of guff on the oip doesn't totally solve your issue #2. 


That said they are a fantastic tool. They have more than their fair share of quirks and work arounds tho...

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