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Steve Riddle

Area calculations of objects within Symbols

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I am working on a project that requires me to extract areas from polygons and landscape areas that are embedded within symbols and display them on a worksheet.

I then need to summarise the areas by symbol name and class,

Is there a way to easily do this as function within a worksheet or perhaps using marionette?

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Probably a worksheet can be used, but it will depend on how your symbols are created.


Can you post a sample file with a few objects we can look at?

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OK thanks, see attached a copy of the file I'm working on, you will see on layer 'Floor Plans' there are villas that are embedded within symbols, as the villas sell the clients can request changes to the design. We are then required to prepare a rough order of costs for the changes to the landscaping that we pass onto the client for approval, this is where the worksheet comes in.  I hope this makes sense.

Thanks, Steve


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Hi Pat,

Did you have any luck with this?


It would be great if there was a solution as I have 27 villas (symbols)  I need to provide cost orders for variations. 


Thanks Steve.

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I think you can get what you want by putting an instance of the symbol on a separate layer and then doing a database criteria something like:




Add more criteria to limit it. It looks like you have made good use of classes, but I don't know your drawing well enough to figure out what classes should be In or out of the criteria. You can use the More Choices button to add extra "rows" to the Criteria Builder. 


I would then use a columns like  Object Type Name






and Area



See some of my other recent posts on worksheets for information on Summarizing all of the similar type objects into a single subrow and then also SUM the areas together in that subrow to get a total.


If this is going to be done one at a time and not have  a lot of overlap between projects, you could probably get away with one detail layer to extract the data from the symbol and just change the symbol on that layer so you don't end up with 27 layers and 27 different worksheets.


Ask again if you need more help.





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This Great Thanks,  I will place  existing and proposed villa designs in a seperate layer and go through the steps above.


Cheers, Steve

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