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Renderworks Styles possible to Export Settings into Worksheets or Excel

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Dear VW lovers,


would anyone know if it is possible to export Renderworks Style Settings into a worksheet or excel spread sheet?


I have multiple Renderworks Styles and currently I am creating screenshots and copy paste them into a file for comparison.

This is a huge effort and I would love to have a faster and more convenient work around for this.


Any input is much appreciated.



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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I don't think so, this is also a lot of the reason that MArionette hasn't been gettings its hands on textures or render styles very much.

Normally to actually share the settings, i simply send a VWX file with the render style included as a resource, but I agree that when discussing them outside of Vectorworks like here on the forum, it can be a hassle to crack it open for people to look at.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Still, that is a great idea, same here, I have a collection of rendering styles in one of my favorites resource files and after 20 items it is hard to remember what makes each style different.

"mm, meditate on this we should"

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Hi everyone,


thank you all heaps for your feedback and input. It's an interesting one. 


Honestly, I got desperate, so I put in the effort and developed a spread sheet. 


Whilst I meanwhile have maaaaany pages, I thought I’d share at least an excerpt containing 7 RW Styles on different subjects in the attached PDF files below.

- Apologies in advance on any mistakes I may have made on transferring details. -


Ok, so the files show RW Styles I found in VW files which were made available on VW Video tutorials and also were posted here on the VW Forum.


The main contributing forces were the two Obi-Wans @Luis M Ruiz and @JimW. And I take my hat off to you both. 


Thank you for all your hard work, effort and huge amount of patience you bring to this game. Especially to my many questions we had in 1:1 correspondences. I could not survive without your insights which have been and still remain to be absolutely essential to my ongoing, or shall I say rather never ending, learning curve. 


In order to find my way back to where things originated from - as you mentioned Luis "it is hard to remember what makes each style different", I try to be as organised as it gets ... which is a bit of a curse … ;0)) 


Here starting with naming all related elements the same way - backgrounds, textures, folders, files, ...

It helps - especially when exporting RW Styles, related textures, ... and all. They then don’t override accidentally others with the same name, which may have only slightly different settings.


In addition showing the name of the author and having a weblink to the tutorials is always a must.


Intense? A bit much? I agree.


So when I print it all out I can simply compare the RW Styles. Of course a possibility to export these details into a work sheet or report or so would reduce the amount of manual labour on these. And I am sure there may be a more simplified overview for comparison possible. But I only started on this a few days ago, so please go easy on me ... ;0)) 









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