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Apple ditches Intel

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I was honestly hoping it was an April Fool's joke. 

I know they like to make their own stuff but... if this kind of change actually requires developers to rebuild applications, that would be pretty crazy. I'll poke the engineers about it.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Oh the end was great, I just mean the transition. When they announced the PPC > Intel switch I was manning phones for a company that handled AppleCare contracts. It was messy.

However, if the entire codebase needs rewriting... no better time to clean things up.

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Everything that currently runs on Mac is compiled through Apple's Xcode compiler.


I feel certain that Apple would ensure that most code would require no more than a recompile to run on the new processors.


Of course, VW is not most code. The  graphical display and especially the rendering engine are far closer to the metal than most general purpose game/productivity application. This means that there might be some incompatibilities versus a more basic program.


But if Apple is truly making the move, then it is up to Apple to provide the tools to make the transition easy for developers.


Yours Truly,

The Eternal Optimist

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Yeah, my brother in law (now retired) had an Apple VAR business at the time. While it was good for his business, his firm worked untold crazy hours on the Power PC to Intel era. He used to joke that as Apple had a Pepsi guy as president they wanted to copy Coke. What better way copy Coke that with an Apple's version of New Coke. 


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Source of Rumor is Bloomberg who's news ticker is basically a subliminal messaging system to most the traders in the world. Want to move stock prices getting them to publish is a great start.


That said I'm sure Apple would love to ditch Intel Platform hubs and graphics for in-house solutions. Luckily Intel have answer to that with their tech to stitch multiple dies into one "chip" package. Which Intel are already using to package AMD Vaga GPU with Intel CPU. Apple could use it to tailor custom package at far less risk than a full custom job.


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15 hours ago, Resuelvectorworks said:

Well, at the beginning was a nigthmare, but worked really well in the long run...


It worked very well for me when my Mac Pro was finally delivered early 2007.



16 hours ago, Tim Olson said:

Apple ditching Intel in lieu of their own ARM chip


ditching !?


It is foreseeable that smaller Notebooks will run on ARM in the near future.

And that Apple would prefer to have full control over own GPUs.

Microsoft also published their ARM tests with Windows.


Apple may slowly switch to ARM beginning from their weakest machines.

I am not sure if ARM will replace i86 for workstations in the foreseeable

future and I doubt that Apple would really want build to these.


There may be also a legacy mode to run older software (rosetta?)

This would not be very interesting for more demanding Apps like 3D

or CAD though. Apple will help with their compilers to prevent the need

to completly rewrite all Software.

And if, I think we will see some more VW versions released anyway

before that happens.



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