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Hello there, 


Very urgently need some help!


Im working with vectroworks 2017 and my site model keeps getting large chunks taken out of it (i.e. the contours are automatically depressing) and I have no idea why. Please see attached images as to what I am talking about. Is there any way to rectify this? I have a presentation in two days and this is not something I have done via a site modifier? I can't seem to edit the proposed contours either, or it doesn't seem to be an option for vectrowork 2017??


Any help would be really appreciated. 


Thank you. 



Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 10.49.01.png

Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 10.48.38.png

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OK, nothing definitive here.  Just some ideas.


Duplicate the file and try some of this in the duplicate file:

1.  Center everything (user origin, page boundary, all geometry) on the internal origin.  I see a page boundary, so you are probably not far from origin,  unless you moved the page boundary. Worth a try on such a large site.

2.  I see lots of lights.  Switch them all off and add a Heliodon instead for general lighting, shadows.

3.  Check your display graphics setting in VWX Prefs Display - switch to Best compatibility if not already there.

4.  Take the OGL setting down a notch just to see.

5.  Simplify polys on your contours, exist and prop. Or other strategy to reduce point count.


If any of or all of this helps, use the dupe file for presentation, and continue working out the bugs in the main file.

Or, possible corruption in the main file, so, Port all geometry, layer by layer into a new file.  See if the new one works better.


NO clue why you can't edit 2017 proposed contours.  Should work.



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Thank you Benson, 


I appreciate the feedback. For now I was able to use an older model to get the sections I needed out of them but when this presentation is over I will try these suggestions.

I know very frustrating about not being able to modify contours in 2017, such a pity! 





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