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lampshade help. please!

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This is driving me nuts. It's so simple. I've done it a dozen times in other programs. I just can't figure it out!!!

I need to make a lampshade-type texture. Actually, it's a transluscent paper. I need to use a JPEG image that the client provided. The texture must take light on the front as well as on the back; in other words, I need to see hot spots from back illumination.

I know this is simple. I know I'm just overlooking something. But I'm driving myself crazy.

Can anyone just give me a simple recipe before I waste more of our time?


(This is on the Renderworks board also. But I didn't think it would take a 3d pro to give me some advice.)

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Image map of the jpeg from the client importet as image colour

reflection set to constant - if it needs to look 'back-lit light sign-like'

set plain transparecy to 10-30%


reflection set to mirror - If it needs to look shiny - amb 60% dif 80% spec 90% reflec 10-15%

set plain transparecy to 10-30%


Try out the new translucency setting - I'm still not familiar with it

set plain transparecy to 10-30%

Good luck

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