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Light Instrument Weight Summary Worksheet

Dylan Jones


Hi everyone


I am having an issue trying to do a weight summary of my lighting fixtures in a worksheet. 


I understand the weight field is text and would not allow mathematical operations but previously I would just use the VALUE command to bypass this.


e.g. =Value('Lighting Device'.'Weight')        This command works perfectly in Vectorworks 2017.


Does anyone have a way to get past this without creating a separate Record as i would like to make the transition into VW2018 smooth.


See attached file with example.


Vectorworks 2018 Designer Package

Weight Summary Report. Errorvwx.vwx

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Try =Value(SubString('Lighting Device'.'Weight', ' ', 1))


There is a single space between the quotes in the middle parameter of the SubString. This is the delimiter to tell it where the number part stops and unit part starts.


It is the units that are confusing the Value command. It only understands numbers.


I think that VW2018 got "smarter" about understanding units besides length and area. So now the Weight field is defined as a "Weight" and brings the unit mark along. In VW2017, you could have a field that just had the number part and not the unit mark.

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