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Student License Extension Request

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On 5/24/2019 at 5:04 AM, agn93 said:

Hi, I also have the same problem, I applied for the extension of a student license last week and as it's already the end of the second one, I'm wondering if I need to wait longer or something went wrong? Firstly there was an information that I got an extension but now there's "waiting status" and redownloaded version is still asking to validate the license. My account is registered on the same e-mail address as this one. Thank you for any help!



Hi ! I am also facing the same problem and I am in middle of my final year undergrad. It would be helpful if the issue is sorted as early as possible.

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I have requested an extension of the vectorworks 2020 software, however it has said " Thank you for your interest in Vectorworks, we will review your request shortly" for the past three days. Can someone help , thank you very much.

Screen Shot 2020-05-09 at 11.02.13 AM.png

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Hi Juan, 


I got a notification that my licence will expire in 6 days. I'm a 3rd and final year student and I would like to request an extension for 2 more weeks as my course work has been extended with this pandemic. I have no valid student ID as that has run out too with everything that was extended due to this pandemic. Hope you can assist as soon as possible.




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Hi Juan!


My licence also will be expired in 7 days. I am final year student and my study has been extended with this pandemic till September.  I would like to request an extension till end of September.   I have been worried 😣 as I am using Vectorworks software 100% for my final project. Hope you can assist this as soon as possible and thanks in advanced!


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