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How to make colored elevations with shadows?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Looks like an orthogonal elevation viewport with a heliodon as the only light object and a bit of Ambient Lighting (Maybe 20-30% if I had to guess?) in the Renderworks style. You could take the Realistic Exterior Final preset, change the background and background lighting to HDRI White to get clean colors, and disable reflections to get this appearance I suspect.

The class or layer the trees were on could have their opacity adjusted either by class or by texture, or add them on top as image annotations with object opacity reduced to 60%ish.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

One heliodon or directional light, section viewport showing most of the model past the section line (if it isnt just annotations in this case?) the stippling... MAYBE indirect lighting turned to very low and minimum bounces to get that effect? If it isn't a texture or a shadow effect from another light source. Looks like a viewport with the background render being the Renderworks mode providing the faces, shading and shadows, but a foreground Sketch render for the lined edges.

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Hello @mike11968 There are some decent renders to be found in the "Textures exterior finishes" resources for e.g. roofs. I export them into photoshop and reduce the colour/ saturation so they are not too "heavy" and re-export them back.  I use a heavy ambient occlusion (80%) in Custom renderworks "lighting options" which gives a nice variegated finish to all objects. I use a nice "Glass figured light blue" applied to windows as a class texture and a heliodon to create the shadow!  Hope this helps! Regards David

Andrew 2.JPG

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