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Anyone Using XP SP2 Yet?

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I would not install SP2 (for now anyway). It has been nothing but a pain, nag windows, network printers not working etc.


First try turning off the Windows XP firewall.

If that doesn't work then try:

Go to Start Menu / Run, type services.msc, click OK. Once in the services window scroll down to Security Center, double click it and choose Disable under Startup type.

Keep in mind you are turning off the new security features of SP2. I have a hardware firewall and don't need the XP sofware firewall.

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Thanks for the recommendation, however switching to Macintosh is not an option for me at this time.

I'm still wondering if there are specific problems that have been encountered with SP2 and VW. It seems like a reasonable enough request that VW support personnel test and publicize their findings when a major operationg system is upgraded. If such information is available I have yet to find it.


Will Niccolls

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