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How to draw transparent LED screen or mesh?

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1.) Simpliest way is to draw one tube as extrude (3D) or rectangle (2D) and duplicate it via "duplicate array" until you have the right size of a panel, group this or create a symbol for a panel, then duplicate the panels as desired for the screensize.


2.) Import page 2 of the martin pdf ( www.martin.com/Martin.Download.aspx?file=/files/files/productdocuments/11_MANUALS/999/UM_LCSeries_EN_A.pdf ) to vectorworks, ungroup it and use the vectorized part of the pdf as base for re-drawing 2D or 3D

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ok cool. thanks for this. how do i then map an image on it to also show the correct quality of the image due to the low resolution?

i thought the LED tool could do this but it doesn't have transparency :(

i actually already have the Martin symbols, but you cant map content over these...

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@frozenwaffles Vectorworks needs to see the LED as a single object, not individual pixels, in order to map a texture onto it.  


Model the LED into whatever shape needed.  With pixels in place, create a solid addition of only the pixels.  At this point, you should be able to create your texture and use the attribute mapping tool to select the proper face of the pixels for the image.


To make the attribute mapping easier, I would suggest using rectangles.

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