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So what is this file? machine_uuid.txt?

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A relatively new file has appeared in the user folder in recent years called 'machine_uuid.txt'. Well sounds like something potentially very useful... Could someone from VW comment on this and let me know what it is and how it is maintained? What I mean is if I go change it what happens? Can I safely use this to identify the machine my stuff is installed on?



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I'd like to know too.  I know your copy of VW is registered by being tied to your machine's unique ID - I suspect this is part of it.  Perhaps a temp file that gets created during the registration process but that didn't get deleted?

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Hi Chris,


Well I asked the guru and the reply was this:


The machine_uuid.txt file contains an identifier that uniquely identifies a machine on which Vectorworks has been installed. It is used by Message Center, in conjunction with network adapter MAC addresses and application serial numbers, in order to identify/validate a Vectorworks client.


     UUID values can be relied upon to be unique (the chances of any two clients generating the same UUID values are incredibly remote). If the machine_uuid.txt file does not exist upon Vectorworks start-up, it will be created.


So it seems to me that it isn't necessarily suitable for licence verification purposes given that it's just a text file and easily tampered with.



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