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Martin Crawford

Symbols and Folder Locations

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I am creating a script to create about 100 symbols, I would like to place them into various folders.


I have the script working except for putting into the correct folder, is there an easy way to create them in a specific folder?





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def  vs.InsertSymbolInFolder(targetFolder, symbolDef):

   return None


Should do what you want. 


You might also what to look at the BeginFolder/EndFolder if you are creating all the symbols that go in a single folder at once.


You might also need to look at BeginFolderN/EndFolder and NameObject to create the symbols folders .



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Sometimes the answer is right in front of you.


Insert worked great,


So far I have cut the amount of time to create a drawing from 4-5 hours to about 2 hours. I think I can cut it down more by creating a few more scripts.


I like python coding...


Thanks for the assistance.

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